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Major Accomplishments


NEW YORK - The LHPWG lobbied against passage of New York Assembly Bill 4568 (NY SB 2130) which would have mandated the nitrogen content of specialty fertilizers applied in on Long Island, New York (Nassau County and Suffolk County). The bill required 1) a 50% slow release nitrogen content and 2) limited the total nitrogen content of the product to 10% by weight.  This Bill would have set a dangerous precedent and would have required the industry to formulate a new products for two counties in New York.

The Bill did not pass.



CALIFORNIA - The LHPWG lobbied against passage of Safe and Affordable Drinking Water Act (CA SB 623) which would have raised the Mill Assessment on specialty fertilizers by (0.006) which is a 300% increase to raise money to pay for drinking water treatment plants throughout California for the next fifteen years.

This would have had a drastic effect on the specialty fertilizer industry; i.e., a specialty fertilizer company that paid a Mill Assessment of $1,000.00 per year would have paid $3,000.00 per year for the next 15 years had the Bill passed.

In this example, had the Bill passed the company would pay $45,000.00 in assessments as opposed to the current $15,000.00 in assessment.

Thanks to the LHPWG's efforts, the Bill did not pass.