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Falmouth looks to educate residents on lawn care

Posted April 23 The Living Lawns campaign will inform residents on the impacts of pesticides and chemicals used in landscaping. Resident Richard Andreasen works on his lawn, with his mower “Susan,” behind him. Chance Viles / The Forecaster

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Large amount of fish die in Bischoff Reservoir


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The use of non-organic pesticides could cost a $50 fine in Montgomery County

Some pesticides could even cause harm to children or pets by: Shennekia Grimshaw Posted: Apr 17, 2020 / 06:37 PM EDT / Updated: Apr 17, 2020 / 06:37 PM EDT ROCKVILLE, Md. (WDVM) — Spring is here, and many have already begun lawn care to keep their flowers blooming and their grass growing, but Montgomery County wants to remind their residents that certain pesticides are now banned.

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Several inland lakes in Ohio battling same algal blooms as in Lake Erie

Updated Apr 12, 2020; Posted Apr 12, 2020   By Brian Albrecht, The Plain Dealer CLEVELAND, Ohio -- The same green carpet of toxic algae that has rolled across Lake Erie every year also affects Ohio’s inland lakes. Efforts to thwart that invasion can vary in terms of techniques and success, depending on the local conditions that created these harmful algal blooms (HABs).   CHIPPEWA LAKE

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Our expansive green lawns are the unsung fertilizer runoff culprit

Updated Apr 17, 2020; Posted Apr 17, 2020   The April 12 article, “Something old, something new, in battle against toxic algae,” cited the increasing concern of fertilizer runoff from farm fields. But I have yet to see a piece written or concern expressed over one major crop: turf grass, which refers to grasses with very shallow root systems like fescues and Kentucky bluegrass. There is

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Let’s all relax about our turf

By Steve Pettis, Henderson County Horticulture Agent Posted Apr 22, 2020 at 2:53 PM     The lawn as we know it has been around for the last hundred years. In the 1700′s lawns were really meadows: mixtures of native grasses and broadleaf plants that were oftentimes kept short by grazing livestock.

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LINAP’s Springtime Tips For Lawn Fertilization To Improve Water Quality

Spring’s arrival means many Long Island homeowners will strive for a lush, green lawn. Before applying lawn fertilizer, the Long Island Regional Planning Council (LIRPC) and Long Island Nitrogen Action Plan (LINAP) urge residents to follow LINAP’s recommendations for proper lawn fertilization and irrigation.    “Our foremost recommendation is not using any fertilizer,” said Kyle Rabin, LIRPC program manager. “If homeowners like how their lawn looks, fertilizer is unnecessary.”   

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Seminole County releases rap video to explain their complicated fertilizer ordinance

Posted By Dave Plotkin on Mon, Mar 16, 2020 at 5:00 am Seminole County is reminding residents not to dump poisons into the ground, and they'd love to make you dance while they're at it.

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In Unprecedented Move, Colorado’s Legislature Will Halt Session Temporarily Due To Coronavirus

By Bente Birkeland and Megan Verlee - March 13, 2020 The state legislature will suspend its work for at least two weeks, amid the growing novel coronavirus pandemic. Democratic and Republican leaders made the decision Friday. They plan to adjourn after a final day of wrap up work Saturday. When they eventually return will depend on conditions around the state.

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Meat-Eaters behind algae blooms; judge scuttles Lake Erie

NORM SCHULTZ   MAR 5, 2020 No body of water draws more news than Lake Erie. This week it’s PETA claiming meat-eaters are to blame for the lake’s algae problems, while a federal judge on Thursday invalidated the Lake Erie Bill of Rights.

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