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Millennials are obsessed with lawns: 4 ways to make yours more attractive


Looking out onto a lush and beautifully manicured lawn has been an aspirational thing to do for many generations of homeowner’s and millennials are no different in wanting to carry on with that obsession.

One of the best ways to ensure that your lawn meets all of your expectations is to arrange a professional turf installation so that you know it is going to have the best chance of maintaining its impressive looks as long as you look after it.

Here are some suggestions to help you to make your lawn something to be proud of.

Regular cutting is often the key to a beautiful lawn

One of the best things you can do for your lawn to keep it looking as lush and healthy as possible is to get out the mower on a regular basis.

When you cut your grass with a fair degree of frequency it is helping to give your lawn the best chance of thriving and maintaining its lovely appearance. What you are doing when you cut your grass little and often is helping to thicken it, which makes it stronger and healthier.

Another good technique to follow would be to cut the grass in different directions and patterns each time you mow. This ensures that the patterns are pressed in the same direction.

Your aim should be to cut to a length of about 5cms for the best results.

Give it some fertilizer love

Your lawn will show its appreciation if you commit to giving it the nutrients it needs.

Regular fertilizing of your lawn will help to replace the nutrients that are lost when you cut the grass and when you follow the instructions carefully and use the right amount of fertilizer it should give you excellent results.

It usually pays to fertilize your lawn about every four weeks.

Get the hose on it

There may be some restrictions on how much water you can use in your area but the bottom line is that if you want to enjoy a lawn that is wonderfully lush and perfectly green throughout the summer months you will have to water it regularly.

Your lawn will often tell you when it needs some water. It takes on a noticeable blue-gray hue and some of the blades of grass might start to wilt.

You might want to invest in an intelligent sprinkler system to use water in the most efficient way.

Your grassroots need air

Another point to remember is that your grassroots rely on a certain level of air to be able to breathe and grow properly.

The way to help your lawn get the air it needs would be to carry out sacrificing and aerification on a fairly frequent basis. When the roots of your grass don’t get enough air it can stunt its growth, which is why you need to give it a helping hand.

When you admire a beautiful lawn it is easy to see why achieving that look can become an obsession. Follow these essential steps and your efforts should be rewarded with a stunning lawn that you can be proud of.