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Pesticides, fertilizers threaten water safety, advocate says

By William Kelly Posted Feb 5, 2020 at 4:23 PM    Experts visit Palm Beach Monday for locally sponsored discussion on how fertilizers and chemicals used to treat lawns pose a danger to water resources and ecosystems. Florida is home to miles of sprawling beaches and parks that draw millions of tourists each year. But it also is a land of ecological emergencies. Red tide microorganisms and blue-green algae that overflow into rivers, lakes and the ocean endanger marine life while tarnishing the...

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New coalition sets sights on patchwork fertilizer ordinances

Conflicting ordinances lead to trouble, group says. By Staff Reports on February 4, 2020 A new coalition says Florida’s varying local fertilizer ordinances bear some blame for recent water woes.

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Nathanael Johnson     Senior writer     Grist This story was published in partnership with Grist and The World.

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Ohio’s toxic algae plan could give other states a blueprint

John Seewer, Associated Press                     Jan 29, 2020   TOLEDO, Ohio (AP) — Nearly halfway into a 10-year pledge to combat the toxic algae that turns Lake Erie a ghastly shade of green, Ohio has made little progress. Its patchwork of mostly voluntary efforts hasn’t slowed the farm fertilizers that feed algae blooms, leading to contaminated drinking water and dead fish.   Ohio’s governor has authorized an ambitious plan that this year will begin offering farmers financial incentives

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Pesticide Program Update: EPA Finalizes Glyphosate Mitigation

U.S. EPA Office of Chemical Safety and Pollution Prevention sent this bulletin at 01/30/2020 10:57 AM EST

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Opinion: Robert Knight: Stop the senseless destruction of springs

Posted Jan 28, 2020 at 2:01 AM It is not in the public’s best interest to dry up or pollute any of Florida’s artesian springs. Healthy springs support a vast and abundant assemblage of charismatic and endangered wildlife, nourish our many rivers and lakes during droughts, and are the sought-after playground for tens of millions of visitors each year.

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Proposed Bill Would Protect Local Laws From Being Overrun

By: Hannah Gaskill      January 17, 2020 Del. Karen Lewis Young (D-Frederick) said she would introduce legislation to protect statutes enacted by local governments at an Annapolis news conference held by LOCAL Maryland. Photo by Hannah Gaskill

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Florida Lawmakers Consider Bills In Fight Against Blue-Green Algae

January 23, 2020 at 12:40 pm TALLAHASSEE (CBSMiami/AP) – Two years ago, blue-green algae suffocated fish by the thousands, killed hundreds of birds, and kept people out of the water. Offshore, a toxic swarm of rust-colored flecks known as red tide killed manatees, dolphins, sea turtles and other aquatic animals, their carcasses washing ashore on beaches. It was a one-two punch that startled environmentalists and underscored the urgency now propelling efforts in Florida’s Capitol to act against...

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