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LINAP’s Springtime Tips For Lawn Fertilization To Improve Water Quality

Spring’s arrival means many Long Island homeowners will strive for a lush, green lawn. Before applying lawn fertilizer, the Long Island Regional Planning Council (LIRPC) and Long Island Nitrogen Action Plan (LINAP) urge residents to follow LINAP’s recommendations for proper lawn fertilization and irrigation.    “Our foremost recommendation is not using any fertilizer,” said Kyle Rabin, LIRPC program manager. “If homeowners like how their lawn looks, fertilizer is unnecessary.”   

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Seminole County releases rap video to explain their complicated fertilizer ordinance

Posted By Dave Plotkin on Mon, Mar 16, 2020 at 5:00 am Seminole County is reminding residents not to dump poisons into the ground, and they'd love to make you dance while they're at it.

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In Unprecedented Move, Colorado’s Legislature Will Halt Session Temporarily Due To Coronavirus

By Bente Birkeland and Megan Verlee - March 13, 2020 The state legislature will suspend its work for at least two weeks, amid the growing novel coronavirus pandemic. Democratic and Republican leaders made the decision Friday. They plan to adjourn after a final day of wrap up work Saturday. When they eventually return will depend on conditions around the state.

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Meat-Eaters behind algae blooms; judge scuttles Lake Erie

NORM SCHULTZ   MAR 5, 2020 No body of water draws more news than Lake Erie. This week it’s PETA claiming meat-eaters are to blame for the lake’s algae problems, while a federal judge on Thursday invalidated the Lake Erie Bill of Rights.

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Bill to give local control over pesticide gets endorsement from pollinator advocates

Michael Karlik, Colorado Politics Mar 4, 2020 Advocates for pollinators and sustainable agriculture have endorsed a bill to permit Colorado localities to regulate the use and application of pesticides, which current state law largely prohibits.

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Pesticides damage the brains of baby bees, new research finds

By Katie Hunt, CNN  Updated 7:33 PM ET, Tue March 3, 2020 Bumblebees are in trouble. The odds of spotting the hardworking pollinators in Europe and America down by more than 30% since the last century.

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Making The Grass Greener in South Florida With Less Water – Opinion

By  UFIFAS  -  Feb 20, 2020 The nation’s largest irrigated crop is grown by amateurs. That’s just about anyone who has a lawn.

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EPA Takes Important Step to Reduce Unnecessary Animal Testing

Agency releases final guidance intended to reduce pesticide testing on birds while ensuring continued protection of public health​ Today, the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) took another important step carrying out Administrator Andrew Wheeler’s directive to reduce animal testing. The agency’s new science policy reduces testing on birds when the agency has enough other information to safely register outdoor pesticides.

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France’s Deadly Seaweed

Fueled by agricultural runoff, rotting seaweed on Brittany’s beaches is becoming an environmental and public health emergency. Authored by Lorraine Boissoneault February 11, 2020

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‘When the dead zone comes, it just kills everything.’ By: Spike Johnson    Reporter   This story was published in partnership with Grist and The World.

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