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Think you’re done with the garden? Take time now to fertilize for sweet spring lawn

BY DENNIS PATTON SPECIAL TO THE STAR NOVEMBER 02, 2020 08:00 PM,  UPDATED NOVEMBER 05, 2020 02:28 PM The concept of the perfect American lawn is evolving. Not everyone desires a high-input lawn rivaling that of an exceptionally maintained golf course. Some are reconsidering the amount of fertilizer, water and weed controls used each year. Instead, they are moving toward a more eco-friendly lawn.

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Researchers receive $1.9 million federal grant to find Lyme disease vaccine

Reviewed by Emily Henderson, B.Sc.Sep 9 2020 Pesky, yet dangerous ticks are no longer latching exclusively onto hunters and outdoor enthusiasts. Milder winters and disrupted habitats have driven them out of the woods, with Lyme disease cases in the United States tripling since the late 1990s. Now researchers at West Virginia University are working toward a vaccine that prevents humans from contracting the tick-borne illness that afflicts more than 300,000 Americans a year.

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Dakota Gardener: Let’s grow a great lawn

Sep 1st 2020 - 11am      By Tom Kalb, Horticulturist NDSU Extension   If you want a great lawn, now is the time to take action. September is the best month to sow seed, fertilize, kill weeds and aerate your lawn. Here are some things you should do this month.   Fill in bare spots. Now through mid-September is the best time to sow grass. The seeds will germinate quickly in the warm soil. As a bonus, weed seedlings rarely germinate in the fall, so we don’t have to worry about them. Awesome!  

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Time to feed the lawn

As the growing season winds down, the lawn can use a couple of last applications of fertilizer to ensure good overwinter success. Around Labor Day, an application of slow release lawn food or winterizer is advisable. This encourages turf-grass to put down deep roots that will give better cold hardiness to the lawn. Fertilizer rates on the label should be closely followed.

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Column: A good drought tolerant lawn choice

By Ralph E. Mitchell   Sep 1, 2020 Updated Sep 1, 2020   PHOTO PROVIDED Bahia grass, a low-input turf.  

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California Considers Banning Gasoline-Powered Yard Equipment

By Kenneth Artz California may soon ban gasoline powered gardening tools such as lawnmowers and leaf blowers statewide, following the lead of approximately 60 California cities that have already  banned the use of gas-powered yard equipment.

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EWG Analysis: Preventing and Treating Algae Blooms in U.S. Has Cost at Least $1.1 Billion Since 2010

Contact: Sarah Graddy (202) 939-9141 [email protected] FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE:  WEDNESDAY, AUGUST 26, 2020

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Florida Has Spent Nearly $20M Dealing With Algae Blooms In Last Decade

By BRENDAN RIVERS • AUG 26, 2020 Blue green algae in the St. Johns River. EDIE WIDDER / ST. JOHNS RIVERKEEPER

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The magic month is coming. Timing is critical if you’re looking for a lush lawn

BY DENNIS PATTON (SPECIAL TO THE STAR)  AUGUST 26, 2020 05:00 AM Each year I share about the importance of seeding a lawn in early September. Timing is critical as the window for success is small. I almost skipped writing about it this year as many lawns are thriving. For those wanting to thicken a thin stand in your lawn, this is your reminder.

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It’s lawn-fixing season. Here’s how to do it.

Weeds don’t cause a lawn to fail; they’re an indicator that you need to renew the grass or convert turfed areas to other plantings. (iStock)

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