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What Do Coronavirus And Lyme Disease Have In Common? More Than You Might Think

By Judy Stone Senior Contributor Ill woman with headache and fever. What does she have? GETTY

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Working now will help lawn for next season

By Rick Nelson      Aug 23, 2020 Battling weeds and bare spots in your cool-season lawn? September is the perfect time to help your lawn thrive. Area lawns flourished with rainy, cooler weather in late July. Early summer heat and drought had taken their toll, but seemingly overnight, brown lawns sprung back to life. The weeks before fall arrives are an excellent time to assess your lawn. September is the most important month of the year to fertilizer and seed for another season. Is your lawn...

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CDC: Scientists Find New Natural Ingredient That Can Protect You From Ticks And Mosquitoes

August 10, 2020 at 6:00 pm MIAMI (CBSMiami) – Tick and mosquito-borne illnesses have been rising in recent years across the country. Now the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention says scientists have found a new natural ingredient that repels and kill the biting bugs. “Insecticide resistance, of course, is a problem that we have to constantly tackle,” explained Dr. Kristy Murray. “And so when we use different things and they become less and less effective, we need to come up with novel...

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Mowing the Lawn Without Pollution

Sarah Lozanova       August 18, 2020

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‘Green Yard, Green Pond’ Selectmen Stress Reducing Fertilizer To Aid Santuit Pond

By RYAN SPENCER​         Aug 14, 2020 Mashpee selectmen are concerned about the impact of lawn fertilizers on the health of Santuit Pond. FILE PHOTOGRAPH BY RYAN SPENCER/ENTERPRISE

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For a healthy lawn in 2021, seed and feed now

Story by Chad Campbell      August 17, 2020 "You may notice that some areas of your lawn have declined or died this summer,” said Cale Bigelow, a professor of horticulture at Purdue University. “That can happen to anyone. It is nothing to beat yourself up over and does not mean you are a failure as a green thumb. You can fix the problem.” Bigelow shared advice on preparing a lawn to look its best the following spring.

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IN THE YARD: Now's the time to prepare for grass care in fall

By STUART SUTPHIN Contributing columnist​       Aug 18, 2020 Metro Creative Connection  

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Nanobubbles, more tech deployed to combat rise of algae blooms in NJ lakes

William Westhoven   Morristown Daily Record State environmentalists, armed with new funds, data and technology, are attacking the growing problem of potentially toxic algae blooms that closed Lake Hopatcong, Greenwood Lake and other popular bodies of water in New Jersey for much of 2019.

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Marin Civic Center lagoon fish kill blamed on algae bloom

By LORENZO MOROTTI | [email protected] | Marin Independent Journal PUBLISHED: August 12, 2020 at 3:10 p.m. | UPDATED: August 13, 2020 at 2:13 p.m. Algae bloom killed more than 100 fish in the Marin Civic Center lagoon, a state biologist said this week. A California Department of Fish and Wildlife scientist met with Marin County Parks superintendents on Tuesday.

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